Create a Dessert Table! Mini bundt cakes, gourmet brownies, cake balls and more!
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Guaranteed Freshness !

We're asked all the time, how our products are shipped and will they arrive fresh.

Our answer: Very carefully and absolutely!

Once your dessert is properly cooled, we package, wrap and ship to you the same day. All of our desserts are shipped Priority Mail, which is a 2-3 shipping days,  depending on your location.

Our cupcakes require special packaging but maintains the lower shipping costs. With our cupcakes, we ship them to you un-frosted. Our homemade frosting is packaged in a separate container with an ice pack and FREE frosting bag for you to frost like a pro, at home.

Our frosted layered cakes require a little more care. These items must be properly packaged and shipped in insulated boxes with ice packs via Overnight delivery.

Bundt Cakes and Mini Bundts are individually packaged.

Our Chocolate Turtles and Barks are separately secured in individual paper cups and packaged together per order. Our chocolate barks, chocolate covered oreo's, strawberries, graham and other sweet treats are packaged by order. Only the chocolate covered strawberries and cherries will include ice paks during shipping.  Upon arrival, refrigerate your chocolates until ready to enjoy.

We do not ship Cobblers or Banana Pudding. These items are available for pick up, local deliver and catering only.

Our Bread Puddings and Quick Breads, Pies are sturdy items that ship well. They are packaged by the pan.

Dessert.Net Cafe aims to offer you one of the most delicious shopping experiences you've ever had. We genuinely value our customers and we are committed to serving you quality products and exceptional customer service.

If you have any questions or suggestions, please feel free to contact us. We'd love to hear from you.